Gangster Lorem Ipsum generator

So much potential in this one.


NBA Bans Shoe, citing “Unfair Advantage”

Today the NBA filed a ban upon Advanced Propulsion Labs new shoe, citing that it gives the wearer an increased ability to jump higher than with regular shoes. Want.


Foreign Ads the need no translation

The brilliance of advertising lies in the ability to cast a message that is universal in all forms of thought and understanding. See video below. I love it.

Paper Tongues

I generally don’t like “Alt Rock”. Usually it’s too varied, strange, out there, and egotistical for me. But Paper Tongues strikes a chord that I can’t help but pay attention to.

The song “Trinity” is, in my opinion, incredible.  I get the sense that every member of the band feels something for the music they create together, which is something I think is lost in Alt Rock when bands just broadcast generic beats layered on top of synthetic rhythms.

My experience with WordPress

I’m very impressed with the way this system works. The dashboard is easy to use, the themes are simple yet completely customizable, and the format of the site’s design is perfect.

In the past I’ve used avidly, however the ease of use for this format will probably be what helps me forge ahead with this platform.

First Post, no need to explain